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Surveillance & Security Solutions

City Surveillance

-PACC was responsible for the design and installation of surveillance system of satellite center (SAT1).
-Installation of camera monitoring system of entrances and exits one of Greater Cairo based on a Wide Area Microwave Network
-Sharm El-Sheikh City: 69 Cameras on WLL wireless local loop network reporting to command and control center
-Port-Said City: 44 x (180 MP) Cameras with a panoramic view 180 degrees on wireless local loop reporting to crisis management center (command & control center)

Port Said City

1- Port-Said mounted camera on top of a building

2- A view from the control room of Port-Said

3- Two mounting tripod for three cameras on the roof

4- Panoramic view of Port-Said by a surveillance camera

Cairo Power Stations

– Installation of surveillance system of Wadi Al-Molouk in Luxor.
– Installation of surveillance system of Al Watania for petroleum.
– Installation of the video surveillance network of Neema Bay at Sharm El-Sheikh, based on Wi-MAX and microwave equipments.
– Nagaa Hamady barrage security, barriers, land blockers, access control system. and CCTV monitoring system. A High profile security solutions including ,,,,,,,,,,
Installation of security systems for 23 monuments stores in Egypt